I love the media business: the dynamism of the business models; the constant jockeying for leverage along the supply chain; the ever-evolving effect of technology; the relative predictability of supply-side dynamics and mystery of demand-side dynamics; and media's influence on, and reflection of, culture.

Generally, I post relatively deep dives (I am often horrified when I finish and see how long Medium estimates they will take to read) and I write because I am trying to figure out the answers, not because I have them. I find writing is a great form of structured learning. It also exposes where my thinking is lazy. It demands clear thinking to create clear exposition.

Another reason I write is to get feedback, so don't be shy!

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Doug Shapiro

Media matters. Write to learn; publish to stress test. Senior Advisor BCG. Former: Turner/WarnerMedia; II-ranked Wall Street analyst.